Dr Oz: Black Licorice Root Extract for Physical Exhaustion

Physical exhaustion is a real potential health problem.

Physical exhaustion leads to too much adrenalin  which in turn leads to the over production of cortisol a very dangerous stress hormone when  it is in high amounts in your body.

Over production of Cortisol leads to belly fat and too much over time burns out the adrenals.

Shockingly and disturbingly too much Cortisol can also lead to dementia as it is very detrimental on the brain – even disintegrating it.

Frequent guest on the Doctor Oz Show, Bryce Wylde recommends pure 5-1 standardized licorice root extract

Licrorice Root Extract helps rehabilitate the adrenals.

And gives you a major natural energy boost.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Anyone with hypertension and/or high blood pressure  should stay away from Licrorice Extract


If you are too wired too sleep, Byrce Wylde recommends: L-Theanine

L-Theanine  is an amino acid from green tea.

It calms your nerves naturally the  chill supplement.

Take a couple hundred of millgrams of L-Theanine once a day in the morning to calm nerves..

It is an anti-anxiety supplement that can work for you.

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